Heinz Ketchup Trucks and an Original Oil Painting

​Happy Heat WAVE! Lots of new items in the store everyday ~ here is some of them below.

Loving this Heinz Ketchup truck – Deliciously different flavour! (What a fantastic font). Can you even imagine life without Heinz ketchup? We can’t and our restaurant can’t either.

Farmhouse comfort in earth tones and a scroll detail on top of this decorative ladder


Absolutely coveting this set of worn leather-bound miniature Shakespeare plays. It looks like I could get through them all in one afternoon, but instead, I will leave that to the well-read English majors.​

Our last yardsale was blessed by the sunshine gods (yahoo!) and was chock full of so many neat finds! All kinds of things that I have not seen before and some talented displays also. We have our very last one this Saturday, August 28th at 10 am.​

Do you love old original oil paintings? I do! This painting was brought in to us by our much-loved regular customer and history buff Marion. Her mother-in-law Sadie Nagel painted this in 1960. She was part of a group of South Caradoc Ladies who painted pictures of local buildings and objects. This syrup shack was on Burwell Road and owned by the Janes family who also owned the Brick Yard that now houses BrickYard Antiques. When brick-making slowed in the winter/spring, the workers were put to work making syrup instead. In fact, the upper loft of our shed still has the outlines of all the sap buckets that were stored in it year after year. Pretty Cool! Thanks for sharing Marion!​

Find the beauty in the every day, We will see you soon!

Diane 🙂

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