Boo! All the Fall Feels

​And just like that, the air has shifted and incomes all the fall feels. This new booth set up by The Lazy River has all the right vibes going on. Just hand me a blanket and a cup of tea please!

Boo! Get Ready to freak out! Look at all of this fun traditional Hallowe’en decor. Nothing better than some classic blow molds that never go out of scary style.​

Preserve the season and the awfully short butterfly lifespan with these ratan coasters. One way for time to stand still for a split second. Pour me another pumpkin latte please… And if you make it wrong please don’t give me the extra coffee for free… ’cause then I will drink it anyways and get WAAYYY too much work done for one day.

Surprise! Every corner in here has something unexpected. Who can resist adopting a crying puppy dog or a sassy tweety bird anyways? Tweety was my nickname as a baby because that was the shape of my head. ha! (That is Aly in the picture, not me)


Enjoy the fall season and be grateful that we live in a time where vaccines can be made so quickly. See this posting from the Western University history department. What a fun find here at BrickYard Antiques! Although no one would have thought so back then that’s for sure.

Find the beauty in the everyday & see you soon!

🤓Diane & BrickYard Staff

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