Spring Time Bunnies

Lots of lovely spring time bunnies with a nostalgic feel to spruce your home. Bring on the sunshine!

A Few of My Favourite Bunnies! 

My favourite bunnies are not fuzzy and warm but ceramic! I am such a sucker for them. Especially handmade bunny ceramics with ‘secret’ messages on the bottom. These are two of mine- with an engraving from Granpa and Granma E. just for me (English was not their first language). I suspect my Grandma did these engravings because my grandfather always (and lovingly forever) spelt my name with two n’s = Dianne. 

It’s always a lot of fun to find the secret messages on the bottom of the ceramics at BrickYard Antiques. It’s the first place I look. 

Here’s another one!

Isn’t it fun to imagine their life before landing in your hands?

Remember the Easter Bunny Loves You!

All the best, 

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