Nostalgia Finds Us All

Three very used pencils

The DayTripper is in!

The latest edition of the Daytripper has arrived and is now available for pickup. You can find a fresh new copy conveniently located near the entrance. If you would like us to reserve a copy for you, please let us know. We especially love the article on ‘Old Highway #2’ where we spend all of our treasure-hunting days. 😊 You can read the entire issue online here.​

Happy reading!

Looking Back with Fondness

How can three little worn-out, used-up, tired pencils delight me to no end? These pencils were from the end of my daughter’s Grade Two school year. I marveled at how someone so little could work so hard all year, enough so, to wear down three whole pencils into short little stubs. Despite their tiny size, they spoke volumes about the hard work she put in throughout the year. They represented to me the fleeting moments of childhood that were slipping away too quickly, leaving only memories in their wake. I couldn’t bear to part with them, so I framed them and placed them on a shelf where I see them every day, reminding me of the power of learning, creativity, and the passage of time. The watch faces are also a part of my family’s history, each with its unique story of the past, serving as a reminder of the changing trends and passing of time.

And this is why I have a hard time throwing anything out! 

Doesn’t everything have even just a little bit of value and beauty in it?

Why, yes, I think so.

Note From The Framed Pencils “It was the thing to wear the pencils down very small and brag about how short they were”

Find Beauty in the every day, and brag about all the work you’ve been doing!😂

All the best, 

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