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Enter to Win a $150 Day Trip!

Happy Fall!! A big welcome to the Frugal Fig with their new space here @ BrickYard. It’s a gorgeous mix of everything you need to add some warmth to your home! I think these are all my favourite hues at the moment. It’s slightly unbelievable to me that it’s already the end of the summer.Continue reading “Enter to Win a $150 Day Trip!”

Come and Play a While!

If I was ever forced to be in my playroom, a room with strange green carpet in the basement when I was younger, it was because I was told to clean it. Ha! But fun times were had down there with Barbie, Ken and all the others. An explosion of fun! Kind of like this…Continue reading “Come and Play a While!”

Yard Sale Tips and Tricks!

Thinking about participating in a yardsale here or on your own? We polled our seasoned vendors and compiled a list of tips and tricks for a successful yard sale. Read on to hear how to have a successful sale. How do you know when to have a yard sale? If you have lots of itemsContinue reading “Yard Sale Tips and Tricks!”


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