Enter to Win a $150 Day Trip!

Happy Fall!! A big welcome to the Frugal Fig with their new space here @ BrickYard. It’s a gorgeous mix of everything you need to add some warmth to your home! I think these are all my favourite hues at the moment. It’s slightly unbelievable to me that it’s already the end of the summer.Continue reading “Enter to Win a $150 Day Trip!”

Let’s Play – All Long Weekend!

All bets are off! How great would this be for a games room? This Crown & Ancher Hand Painted Sign is one of a kind. $120 ~ Love it! A new booth display here with so many unique tins, die-cast cars, collector magazines and my fav: a sears AM-FM radio. I can hear the cracklingContinue reading “Let’s Play – All Long Weekend!”

A Cauldron of Delight is Brewing

We have some fantastic new displays this month. This one by the Copper Cauldron is so stylish! It’s amazing what you can do with a small space here and at home! Shiny things, earthly wonders and the promise of a pie under there somewhere. Am I the only one who finds those decorative pie platesContinue reading “A Cauldron of Delight is Brewing”

New Booths and Farmhouse Fall

​ We have a wonderful new booth set up here! Full of rare dress forms, german dolls, a scuba diving lamp, and stained glass inserts. More coming in all the time, this is just the beginning~!​​ A little bit of fall feels here with even more trendy white wicker furniture. Great for a child’s roomContinue reading “New Booths and Farmhouse Fall”