Winners of the Perfect Day Trip!

 hope you’re coping with the time change.  Wasn’t the time change supposed to end in Ontario? I am trying to ignore it without success. Every single night it’s a shock all over again! Is it also for you? WHAT THE HECK? haha Because we are clouded in darkness for a few weeks I thought – you knowContinue reading “Winners of the Perfect Day Trip!”

Our Seasonal Blend!

Merry Halloween! The line between Christmas and Halloween just keeps getting blurrier and blurrier. We can all try to be resistant to the fact that Christmas starts earlier every year, but I can only blame myself for turning directly on my heel every time I see a ceramic Santa (insert your Christmas lust item ofContinue reading “Our Seasonal Blend!”


Well, it is that time! So many great things in the store I am losing my mind!! Do I relocate to a bigger house just so that I can have a room in every holiday theme imaginable or what? We have oodles of vintage ornaments that have just arrived and so many great unusual giftContinue reading “GIFTS MADE E A S Y!”