Get On the Nice List!

We are ready for Christmas and ready to display your name on our nice list RIGHT HERE!
We want you to get on our nice list! In partnership with many other local businesses in town we are collecting non pershiables and new unwrapped toys. There is a big box right up front inside the store where you can drop them off the next time you come in. We are already impressed with the funds donated by you to our local Caring Cupboard Collection Jar every single month! Let’s do this!
Bring on the Festive Feels. Who’s with me?

We’ve added to the menu! Enjoy some delicious sweet treats for dessert or just because. I have had the brownie and ice cream for lunch. Nothing to be concerned about here… 😀​
​More Revelations by Shopping …. What have you been meaning to organize for a short lifetime? For me it’s my shed…Will it ever be organized? Why can’t I throw anything out?…wait… I don’t want to.Find the beauty in the everyday.

All the best,

Diane & BrickYard Staff


How are you this week?

Keeping it real and working as hard as you want I hope!

Earlier this week enjoying a walk through the store this Hot Nuts machine made me laugh… I have not seen something like this before. I guess sometimes you want your nuts hot and other times you don’t. Depends on the occasion! Such as when you are boxing…see the comment below from one of our customers who had the perfect response. 

Watch the ‘my balls was hot’ clip here. The first five seconds are laugh out loud funny and the rest is…. wellll… mildly inappropriate I suppose and a head scratcher nonetheless. But that guy is clearly fun at parties and if he had your back- you could probably say whatever you wanted – not that you would because you are an upstanding citizen of course.​

Another new booth: Woo Hoo! Our third section on our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY is finally full with another new booth setup just beginning! Yup, It’s been three years already- holy smokes times flies and the ever evolving pace here is how we like it. No time for naps!


gotta show you this 100+ year old grain bin from Sparta that’s massive and gorgeous! What is remarkable about this piece of history on wheels is that the pencil markings inside were tracking the contents and quantities of the seeds sold. I love this! I wish I had something like this when my kids were smaller, I would put alllll their junk in there and never think about it again. This would be great for so many uses firewood/storage/hidingspot while making a statement with original style. There’s not another one like this that’s for sure.

How do you annoy a skeleton? YOU CAN’T! Nothing gets under their skin! 
I am a big fan of lame jokes! 😂

Happy Hallowe’en – Indulge a little (what bag of mini mars bars under the desk?) it’s all part of the sentimentality of this time of year and to feel like a kid again! Not only do Halloween treats keep you young it also staves away the need for naps! If you’re up for some scares, come check us out this week and see what we have to make your place original, nostalgic and spooky as fast and easy as can be!

Find the beauty in the everyday.
All the best,
🎃Diane & BrickYard Staff

The Last Laugh: Revelations by Shopping

What do you know? Sometimes small truths come out while taking a lizardly stroll through the store. haha

Passports are not required for shopping in the Antique Market, for Take-Out or Patio Dining. Proof of vaccination along with photo ID is required for indoor dining however as it is everywhere delicious food is served.

Our Menu

Become a Vendor at BrickYard Antiques! We have booths of all sizes starting at $75 per month.

Details Please!

New Booths and Farmhouse Fall

We have a wonderful new booth set up here! Full of rare dress forms, german dolls, a scuba diving lamp, and stained glass inserts. More coming in all the time, this is just the beginning~!​

A little bit of fall feels here with even more trendy white wicker furniture. Great for a child’s room or fill it full of light coloured gourds and place it on your front porch.​

When you want the farmhouse look this is where to come. Everyone needs to be greeted by beautiful things they love when they come home.

Our signature TileYard Footlong with the works is a staple here. It’s part of an unexpected pandemic crisis however as we have not received any Footlong Hotdog buns since early spring so we had no choice but to get creative and take matters into our own hands.

So now for a limited time, we are making our own homemade FootLong Hot Dog buns! Here’s me doing a test run in my kitchen. Turns out they are pretty darn good! I don’t know if we will keep making them by hand forever… but for now we are happy to do it and they are worth the effort. Next time you’re in give them a try!​

Find the beauty in the everyday.
All the best,
Diane & BrickYard Staff

​Wednesday & Thursday 11- 5OPEN THANKSGIVING Weekend FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10-6& MONDAY OCTOBER 11th 11am-5pm

Road Trips, Signage, and Thanksgiving Displays


Let’s go on a road trip! Our seasonal display is all about Day Tripping! Let’s go somewhere great… Like BrickYard Antiques! ​

Of course, out here it’s possible that your road trip takes a little longer if you get stuck behind a tractor…. but isn’t that charming? Plus the countryside in Middlesex county is quite beautiful. We are located right across from a cornfield that is one of my most favorite things to look at.

Loving this display of signage. Fantastic one-of-a-kind wall art here… What you like is what you like, just put it all together for impact!

Let’s chill. Neutral colours make this rustic cottage display calming to look at and a fit for almost any setting.


We love to see what you have done with your finds! Thank you for sharing your piano shelfie 1895stepler_house. This is absolutely stunning! I think I have found my new favorite word here…. ‘Shelfie’– haha! Does anyone else have a ‘shelfie’ to share? Send them to us at or tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

Find beauty in the everyday.
All the best, Diane & BrickYard Staff


Boo! All the Fall Feels

​And just like that, the air has shifted and incomes all the fall feels. This new booth set up by The Lazy River has all the right vibes going on. Just hand me a blanket and a cup of tea please!

Boo! Get Ready to freak out! Look at all of this fun traditional Hallowe’en decor. Nothing better than some classic blow molds that never go out of scary style.​

Preserve the season and the awfully short butterfly lifespan with these ratan coasters. One way for time to stand still for a split second. Pour me another pumpkin latte please… And if you make it wrong please don’t give me the extra coffee for free… ’cause then I will drink it anyways and get WAAYYY too much work done for one day.

Surprise! Every corner in here has something unexpected. Who can resist adopting a crying puppy dog or a sassy tweety bird anyways? Tweety was my nickname as a baby because that was the shape of my head. ha! (That is Aly in the picture, not me)


Enjoy the fall season and be grateful that we live in a time where vaccines can be made so quickly. See this posting from the Western University history department. What a fun find here at BrickYard Antiques! Although no one would have thought so back then that’s for sure.

Find the beauty in the everyday & see you soon!

🤓Diane & BrickYard Staff

Heinz Ketchup Trucks and an Original Oil Painting

​Happy Heat WAVE! Lots of new items in the store everyday ~ here is some of them below.

Loving this Heinz Ketchup truck – Deliciously different flavour! (What a fantastic font). Can you even imagine life without Heinz ketchup? We can’t and our restaurant can’t either.

Farmhouse comfort in earth tones and a scroll detail on top of this decorative ladder


Absolutely coveting this set of worn leather-bound miniature Shakespeare plays. It looks like I could get through them all in one afternoon, but instead, I will leave that to the well-read English majors.​

Our last yardsale was blessed by the sunshine gods (yahoo!) and was chock full of so many neat finds! All kinds of things that I have not seen before and some talented displays also. We have our very last one this Saturday, August 28th at 10 am.​

Do you love old original oil paintings? I do! This painting was brought in to us by our much-loved regular customer and history buff Marion. Her mother-in-law Sadie Nagel painted this in 1960. She was part of a group of South Caradoc Ladies who painted pictures of local buildings and objects. This syrup shack was on Burwell Road and owned by the Janes family who also owned the Brick Yard that now houses BrickYard Antiques. When brick-making slowed in the winter/spring, the workers were put to work making syrup instead. In fact, the upper loft of our shed still has the outlines of all the sap buckets that were stored in it year after year. Pretty Cool! Thanks for sharing Marion!​

Find the beauty in the every day, We will see you soon!

Diane 🙂

We’re getting ready for the long weekend! 

We are OPEN Saturday and Sunday as usual 10-6 



Records, cassettes and jams for all! New Booth set up!

Beautiful & delicate – a lovely new feminine display.

Who said Pepsi and Coke couldn’t get along? Does this make you cringe as much as it does me? ha ha

Some good things never change!

☀️Enjoy yourselves and see you soon!

YardSale Season at BrickYard Antiques is just getting started!


Saturday July 10th @ 10am

Saturday July 24th @ 10am

Saturday August 14th @ 10am

Saturday August 28th @ 10am

Where: The side lawn and parking lot of BrickYard Antiques

Time: 10 am start

Cost: $25.00 to sell – Free to shop

No holds on spaces without payment at least one day prior to event

Our store hours are 10 am – 6 pm.
You are welcome to sell for as long as you wish during business hours.

Sign up in store – Payment in advance

You may park your vehicle in your place for the day or unload and move your vehicle to the parking lot.

*Only one vehicle/trailer per spot.

*Please be mindful of current social distancing guidelines, wear a mask when less than 6ft away from someone not in your group and have hand sanitizer available for use.

Cost: $25.00

No Rain Date: Do not register until you are sure you are able to participate. Participation is at your own risk. Spots are limited. 

It’s always fun! Hoping for sunshine!

Fiestaware and a Happy Summer!

We’re keeping it fresh over here with our seasonal displays and an obvious shout-out to the fact that yes we are OPEN~! Loving all the seasonal happy colours and the nod to Fiestaware – which hints at nothing but fiestas and siestas!😴 We hope you have everything you need for an effortless BBQ this summer. 


Our hours this week
Wednesday & Thursday 11am-5pm (🇨🇦Open Canada Day)Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-6pm 
Enjoy yourself!

😀 Look who I met in the washroom!

nother week down…. We are keeping busy here. Thank you to everyone who has come back in to say Hi! It’s so nice to see your smiling faces under those masks!

There are such high hopes for things to normalize soon. I can feeeeeeel it happening! 

We had a little fun during quarantine with this lady below. She had such good advice I truly feel like everyone should hear it.

If you are a guy- you just won’t get it and I am sorry.

If you are a lady, I know your head is already nodding in agreement. 

*high five*

Where was she when I was twenty!?

You can get her advice straight from her unusually tight lipped mouth on your next visit. You just have to visit the washroom. 

Keep smiling guys 


“smile only if you want to, ladies”.