❤️ February❤️Online Sale- Starts Today!

I am typing one finger at a time here…. It’s soooo cold! We want you to stay cozy this month because that’s what we want too! But in the meantime Lets’s Play! ​ GAME NIGHT!! Looking for something family-friendly to do? Come visit us – grab a snack and pick out a funny game youContinue reading “❤️ February❤️Online Sale- Starts Today!”


Well, it is that time! So many great things in the store I am losing my mind!! Do I relocate to a bigger house just so that I can have a room in every holiday theme imaginable or what? We have oodles of vintage ornaments that have just arrived and so many great unusual giftContinue reading “GIFTS MADE E A S Y!”

New Booths and Farmhouse Fall

​ We have a wonderful new booth set up here! Full of rare dress forms, german dolls, a scuba diving lamp, and stained glass inserts. More coming in all the time, this is just the beginning~!​​ A little bit of fall feels here with even more trendy white wicker furniture. Great for a child’s roomContinue reading “New Booths and Farmhouse Fall”

Road Trips, Signage, and Thanksgiving Displays

​Hello! Let’s go on a road trip! Our seasonal display is all about Day Tripping! Let’s go somewhere great… Like BrickYard Antiques! ​Of course, out here it’s possible that your road trip takes a little longer if you get stuck behind a tractor…. but isn’t that charming? Plus the countryside in Middlesex county is quite beautiful.Continue reading “Road Trips, Signage, and Thanksgiving Displays”

Heinz Ketchup Trucks and an Original Oil Painting

​Happy Heat WAVE! Lots of new items in the store everyday ~ here is some of them below. Loving this Heinz Ketchup truck – Deliciously different flavour! (What a fantastic font). Can you even imagine life without Heinz ketchup? We can’t and our restaurant can’t either.​ Farmhouse comfort in earth tones and a scroll detailContinue reading “Heinz Ketchup Trucks and an Original Oil Painting”