Vintage Toy Hunt for all the Boys (and Dad)

We had such a pleasant surprise this week with a fantastic shout-out from the Vintage Toy Hunters on YouTube who a few months back had a fun day scoping the endless toys here at BrickYard Antiques. Their video is a joy to watch and we appreciate all the kind words. What a fun escape! WhatContinue reading “Vintage Toy Hunt for all the Boys (and Dad)”

A Cauldron of Delight is Brewing

We have some fantastic new displays this month. This one by the Copper Cauldron is so stylish! It’s amazing what you can do with a small space here and at home! Shiny things, earthly wonders and the promise of a pie under there somewhere. Am I the only one who finds those decorative pie platesContinue reading “A Cauldron of Delight is Brewing”

Long Weekends are Too Short!

Coming up in a few sunny hours! … a weekend full of festivities and barbecues to celebrate Queen Victoria. Why not celebrate some of it at the BrickYard? Cruise on down. We are open all weekend!​ Oh, my! My hair is such a mess! It’s true, April showers bring May Flowers! We have the glovesContinue reading “Long Weekends are Too Short!”

Happy Easter & Vintage Hankies

We are open this weekend just like usual including Good Friday and Easter Sunday! ​Timeless, sweet and absolutely still on trend! White wicker furniture pieces: mismatched sets are even more casual than the carefree summer porch feeling you’re looking for. I want to sit around all-day-long in these. Everyone looks good in white after all.Continue reading “Happy Easter & Vintage Hankies”

There’s a reason to keep Going! 😀

​If you’re barely getting out of bed in the morning these days, OMG, Death to the snowflakes… Our Cabin Fever Sale is still on! Just leave the house already, and hope for the coming of better days. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. 😀 ​​So many great deals to be had! Now’sContinue reading “There’s a reason to keep Going! 😀”

Toys Are Your Friends For Life!

Hey Friend!  Who was your best bud when you were a kid? Was there a toy that you couldn’t leave home without? For me, I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls and all their pretty little dresses too – but the shoes… no. They could have done a bit better on those don’t you think? TheContinue reading “Toys Are Your Friends For Life!”