Fiestaware and a Happy Summer!

We’re keeping it fresh over here with our seasonal displays and an obvious shout-out to the fact that yes we are OPEN~! Loving all the seasonal happy colours and the nod to Fiestaware – which hints at nothing but fiestas and siestas!😴 We hope you have everything you need for an effortless BBQ this summer. 


Our hours this week
Wednesday & Thursday 11am-5pm (🇨🇦Open Canada Day)Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-6pm 
Enjoy yourself!

😀 Look who I met in the washroom!

nother week down…. We are keeping busy here. Thank you to everyone who has come back in to say Hi! It’s so nice to see your smiling faces under those masks!

There are such high hopes for things to normalize soon. I can feeeeeeel it happening! 

We had a little fun during quarantine with this lady below. She had such good advice I truly feel like everyone should hear it.

If you are a guy- you just won’t get it and I am sorry.

If you are a lady, I know your head is already nodding in agreement. 

*high five*

Where was she when I was twenty!?

You can get her advice straight from her unusually tight lipped mouth on your next visit. You just have to visit the washroom. 

Keep smiling guys 


“smile only if you want to, ladies”.