Thank You for Everything

Fall is the time of new beginnings.

We have unfortunately come to the difficult decision to permanently close BrickYard Antiques after our devasting fire on June 6th resulting in a complete loss of more than half of our store. After partial demolition what remained was a disastrous smoke-filled mess with its entire contents needing to be cleared out or disposed of.

It’s been nearly 5 years of fabulous finds. We love and will dearly miss our fun, zany and supportive customers. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!! Thank you for everything. We know BrickYard Antiques was special to all of you and was a unique multi-vendor market because of how much our staff, vendors and customers cared for its success.

All the best to each and every one of you! We know that this will be as hard on you as it is for us. xo

Bring Your Wild Side

It’s a Jungle Out There 

and not just because we keep finding kittens inside our wall – The total sum to date is four! And counting… ha! (I laugh, but really, staying up late or being up in the middle of the night with a crying kitten is pretty low on my list of things to do these days. And I LOVE kittens!!)

Get ready for a delightful journey into the enchanting jungle! Who knew we would almost have the biodiversity of the real thing? Unchartered territories, hidden treasures and the thrill to discover rare and unique species (or maybe even some antiques) nestled within the lush depths of the jungle.

These carvings and patterns hint at unique traditions, art, music or rituals from the regions in which they were made. 

So, join us on this extraordinary escapade, where you can reconnect with nature and unleash your wild side! 

First Yard Sale of 2023:

Saturday, June 17th @ 10 am

Planning a successful yard sale requires careful organization and promotion. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your yard sale.

For more information about registering for any of our upcoming Yard Sales  Look Here. 

Find Beauty in the every day

See you soon!

Diane & BrickYard Staff


Wednesday & Thursday 11am – 5pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm

Nostalgia Finds Us All

The DayTripper is in!

The latest edition of the Daytripper has arrived and is now available for pickup. You can find a fresh new copy conveniently located near the entrance. If you would like us to reserve a copy for you, please let us know. We especially love the article on ‘Old Highway #2’ where we spend all of our treasure-hunting days. 😊 You can read the entire issue online here.​

Happy reading!

Looking Back with Fondness

How can three little worn-out, used-up, tired pencils delight me to no end? These pencils were from the end of my daughter’s Grade Two school year. I marveled at how someone so little could work so hard all year, enough so, to wear down three whole pencils into short little stubs. Despite their tiny size, they spoke volumes about the hard work she put in throughout the year. They represented to me the fleeting moments of childhood that were slipping away too quickly, leaving only memories in their wake. I couldn’t bear to part with them, so I framed them and placed them on a shelf where I see them every day, reminding me of the power of learning, creativity, and the passage of time. The watch faces are also a part of my family’s history, each with its unique story of the past, serving as a reminder of the changing trends and passing of time.

And this is why I have a hard time throwing anything out! 

Doesn’t everything have even just a little bit of value and beauty in it?

Why, yes, I think so.

Note From The Framed Pencils “It was the thing to wear the pencils down very small and brag about how short they were”

Find Beauty in the every day, and brag about all the work you’ve been doing!😂

All the best, 

Diane & BrickYard Staff


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Spring Time Bunnies

Lots of lovely spring time bunnies with a nostalgic feel to spruce your home. Bring on the sunshine!

A Few of My Favourite Bunnies! 

My favourite bunnies are not fuzzy and warm but ceramic! I am such a sucker for them. Especially handmade bunny ceramics with ‘secret’ messages on the bottom. These are two of mine- with an engraving from Granpa and Granma E. just for me (English was not their first language). I suspect my Grandma did these engravings because my grandfather always (and lovingly forever) spelt my name with two n’s = Dianne. 

It’s always a lot of fun to find the secret messages on the bottom of the ceramics at BrickYard Antiques. It’s the first place I look. 

Here’s another one!

Isn’t it fun to imagine their life before landing in your hands?

Remember the Easter Bunny Loves You!

All the best, 

BrickYard Staff


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Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm

Eye Catching Favourites This Week:

Wind and Sea Framed Pastel – $85 🌊

Fresh for spring gorgeous side cupboard – $150 🌷 

WWI Engraved Bomber Pilot Horn – $265 🎺

German Fanta Button – $550 🟠

Pepsi Chalkboard – $165 🥤

and so much more on our google page.

This is what freaked me out being in the store late one night: 🐓 Whew! It wasn’t a ghost exactly… or was it?

Thank goodness it’s spring! 

Time to declutter, clean, let in natural light and change up your decor. 🧹 

✨See our upcoming Yard Sale dates!

a rabbit in a pile of antiques

Find Beauty in the every day.

All the best, 

☀️Diane & BrickYard Staff


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Be Bright!

We had so much fun putting this display together and it makes us so happy, that we don’t care what the weather is up to outside!

Yellow = Happiness, Optimism and Energy

Green = Growth, Harmony and Luck

Orange = Enthusiasm, Creativity and Positivity

Now, who doesn’t need more of all of these in their life?

Some of our Happiest Things

HONEY! It’s soooo good!

There is nothing like the joy of a new baby… Especially a tot as delightful as Archie Bunkers’ grandson would be. haha!

Little bits of bunnies and spring. Here’s hoping!

Find Beauty in the Every Day

All the best, 

BrickYard Staff


HAPPY March Break!

Wednesday & Thursday 11am – 5pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm

Dean Finds More Family History

How Much History Can One Man Find?

Apparently a lot! This time on Dean’s last visit he found an envelope stamped and dated from Smallman & Ingram in London Ontario where his grandmother Mabel used to work. Mabel was born in 1891 and started working at Smallman when she was only 8 or 9 years old. She eventually moved on to Kingmill’s and then finally to Simpsons/Sears because they paid her five cents more a week! There she stayed and was the oldest living employee making it all the way to 103. I guess it’s true what they say. Hard work pays off – at least five cents more a week anyways. 😁. What Dean Found Last Time

Happy Family Day!

We’re open Saturday and Sunday as usual and a Bonus 11 am – 5 pm on Monday, February 20th. Bring someone you can tolerate most of the time, but love always 😉 to BrickYard Antiques & Restaurant for a treat! We’ve been busy restocking all week and there is so much new to see already!

See you soon, and have a great long weekend! 😋

BrickYard Staff

That’s It! This Weekend Only!

Only Two Days Left!

Our Cabin Fever Sale is coming to an end. There are only a few days left to get some fantastic deals before our spring refresh. This sale ends Sunday, February 12th! ☀️ Come and enjoy while you can!

So many great deals to be had! 

Tarnished Gardens is a New Vendor! Welcome!

Valentines Day! 

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. What have you got up your sleeve to treat your honey this year? No one wants to think too hard about it or spend a fortune, do they? A trip to BrickYard is an easy out-of-town drive for the win! Yes! 👏

Photo Credit: prettylittlethings/insta

Find Beauty in the Everyday

❤️All the best, 

Diane & BrickYard Staff


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**OPEN MONDAY FEB 20th Family Day 11am – 5pm**

Guess What?

It’s Cabin Fever Time!


Finally! Something to look forward to through these record-setting grey winter days.

Our Cabin Fever Sale Runs SATURDAY, January 28th until SUNDAY, February 12th

New Stock Every Day!

Pop in, and see if what you’ve been coveting is still here, PLUS what’s new. Our amazing collectors are participating with sale discounts anywhere from 10% – 60% or more booth wide to make way for new stock. 


This sale is so BIG we only do it once a year!

See you soon!

BrickYard Staff


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Smash Your Goals

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and we want you to travel the world on a dime and feel the air from every spot. 

Here is a reminder of how free you can be! Set yourself up to ride through the year, smash goals and take every opportunity you come across. 

Just like these ‘superbikes’, discover your super abilities and use them! We all have them! Plan to put them to use, even if it’s something as simple as adding colour and playfulness to your home or singing while driving down the road with your head out the window, hair blowing in the breeze. All of this can bring you joy- and finding joy naturally brings out your super-abilities with little effort.

New New New!

A big welcome to Whit’s Findings on their new booth setup. Already with some beautiful furniture pieces out the door, I can’t wait to see what they bring in next! Stunning!

Next time you’re in, take home some of the excitement we give!

Cheers to 2023 🥳

All the best, 

BrickYard Staff


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