So You Wanted a White Christmas

Happy First Day of Winter! Did you actually ask for a Blizzard or a Snow Bomb? Because we are getting both…maybe… You’re welcome! The last really big storm became a really big book, found only on the racks here, back in ’76 Many of you are probably going to remember that storm of ’76, especiallyContinue reading “So You Wanted a White Christmas”

OPEN HOUSE! (and I recorded a commercial!)

We have a fantastic weekend coming up! It’s our annual Christmas in the Village OPEN HOUSE! …and I recorded a commercial! So that was pretty cool & a new experience to say the least. This was all because our Mount Brydges Business Association was nominated for the Community Spotlight in partnership with Ricco Foods andContinue reading “OPEN HOUSE! (and I recorded a commercial!)”

Winners of the Perfect Day Trip!

 hope you’re coping with the time change.  Wasn’t the time change supposed to end in Ontario? I am trying to ignore it without success. Every single night it’s a shock all over again! Is it also for you? WHAT THE HECK? haha Because we are clouded in darkness for a few weeks I thought – you knowContinue reading “Winners of the Perfect Day Trip!”

Morbidity at it’s Finest!

I hope you’re having a spooktacular weekend! Watch out for those ghosts, they’re everywhere! Last night I was watching the fun, campy and silly show GHOSTS on Prime. On the last episode of the first season, I said: “Did they make a second season?”  I think so replied my husband, it’s pretty low budget. “Yeah,”Continue reading “Morbidity at it’s Finest!”

Our Seasonal Blend!

Merry Halloween! The line between Christmas and Halloween just keeps getting blurrier and blurrier. We can all try to be resistant to the fact that Christmas starts earlier every year, but I can only blame myself for turning directly on my heel every time I see a ceramic Santa (insert your Christmas lust item ofContinue reading “Our Seasonal Blend!”

Thankful For You (and Beer!)

The seasons are changing and the leaves are falling! With that comes pumpkin spice, everything nice, warm sweaters and lattes! Good-ness I LOVE this weather! There’s so much to look forward to… Thanksgiving, Halloween and Octoberfest.  We’ve got old barrels, steins galore, tumblers, shot glasses, old bottles of every kind including Labbats, Canadian and Coors.Continue reading “Thankful For You (and Beer!)”

Enter to Win a $150 Day Trip!

Happy Fall!! A big welcome to the Frugal Fig with their new space here @ BrickYard. It’s a gorgeous mix of everything you need to add some warmth to your home! I think these are all my favourite hues at the moment. It’s slightly unbelievable to me that it’s already the end of the summer.Continue reading “Enter to Win a $150 Day Trip!”