Miraculous Rescue: Kitten Found Trapped in Our Wall!

little black and white kitten

What’s That Sound?

It has been a crazy couple of days here! We were going about our joyful business when suddenly all we could hear was a cat meowing – relentlessly, and it sounded like it was coming from inside the wall! Not that shocking because this is an old building so there have been stranger things. First, we cut a hole in the drywall exactly where the sound was coming from (or so we thought) and climbed up in the attic to look for gaps to no avail. We thought and hoped it would just find its way out.

Back in the store late at night the cat is still absolutely howling! This time my son hears it and is on the case. I knew by the sight of his wide eyes we wouldn’t be sleeping until this was resolved

the next day, after a rough night – The momma cat came barrelling through the market from an open door and straight into the hole in the wall. Trying to coax it out with its baby didn’t work. So we took her outside and waited. It didn’t take long for them to be reunited. 

Awwww… Even though we all wanted to keep them both (except have you ever heard a cat meow so much?) – We are relieved for the happy ending. What a day!

Out The Door

Some of the fabulous things waiting for you! I LOVE that ‘Maybe Swearing will help’ sign … but it’s already out the door!

🐈‍⬛ Meow 

Diane & BrickYard Staff

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