Morbidity at it’s Finest!

I hope you’re having a spooktacular weekend! Watch out for those ghosts, they’re everywhere! Last night I was watching the fun, campy and silly show GHOSTS on Prime. On the last episode of the first season, I said: “Did they make a second season?” 

I think so replied my husband, it’s pretty low budget.

“Yeah,” I said, “There are only two main characters and the rest are ghosts.” 

For a second I was serious, and then I burst out laughing. Boy, I guess my buy-in on the cast of ghosts was pretty REAL to me. I nearly died laughing at myself. Success on their end though!

We have lots of ghosts around here too. 14 year old me would be in here for a slumber party seance pronto. Plain old me would never intentionally be alone in the store late at night, because of the groundskeeper who died on site and the old restless lady in section three… She only gets upset when you make changes to the building though. Whew!

I nearly died laughing as well, when this lovely customer bought this pretty tin for… Guess what? Her ashes someday! There was some discussion on how big of a box you would need. I don’t think she is going to have to worry about that for a long time. I hope!

Others piped up with knowing someone who had their ashes in a Mr. Peanuts Jar because he loved nuts. Maybe if you sold Tupperware you’d demand to be put in nothing but the latest plastic container, I dunno. What comes to mind for you if you dare?

Thank you Kara for lighting up our feed as always!

Need a last-minute costume! We’ve got it!

“Idiot!… You’re standing on my foot!”

Find beauty in the everyday.

All the best,

BrickYard Staff

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