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halloween Blowmold

Merry Halloween! The line between Christmas and Halloween just keeps getting blurrier and blurrier. We can all try to be resistant to the fact that Christmas starts earlier every year, but I can only blame myself for turning directly on my heel every time I see a ceramic Santa (insert your Christmas lust item of choice here) no matter what the calendar says! Wheeee! 

What a wonderful blend of Christmas and Halloween together. Santa doesn’t look too sure about it all, but his time is coming. 😉 Tons of Christmas decorations and gifts have just arrived!

Enjoy the last of the fall colour! Every chance I get, I am out in the woods just to see how it has changed from yesterday. Those leaves are gorgeous and smell fantastic- I cannot get enough of them!

New: A Delicious Chili Cheese FootLong Hot Dog on a HomeMade Bun!

Find beauty in the everyday.

All the best,

Diane & BrickYard Staff

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