Keep On Learning (without punishment)!

Happy September! A lot of us know someone who is getting ready for back to school this week or maybe you’re even going back yourself. If not – don’t you still have that feeling of needing a new outfit and perhaps a fresh start of some kind, a chance to better your behaviour just a little? Like… eat less ice cream or walk more before it snows (hands up!)… that sort of thing? Those are just the kind of thoughts September and a new school season brings. 

Oh, school, so many rules and chances for betterment and so little time! Remember when getting the strap was a punishment option? I honestly remember them phasing it out when I was in school and the poor child who was the last example (yes a boy). 😬

Behave yourself! How many lashes would you be in for? 

Test Your Knowledge

Last week I went to a museum! I do love old houses and so does my daughter, so we took a trip out to the Backus-Page House Museum and had a lovely informative private tour. It’s fascinating that there is so much local history to learn all the time! I thought the house was so beautiful and the stories behind it were full of examples of imperfect human nature. 

The Backus-Page House sometimes receives donations that do not come with any information, leaving them to guess what the items might be used for. Do you have any educated guesses on these items displayed? I thought of no one better to ask!​

Keep on learning, where ever you are. Free History Lessons Here!​


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