Long Weekends are Too Short!


Coming up in a few sunny hours! … a weekend full of festivities and barbecues to celebrate Queen Victoria. Why not celebrate some of it at the BrickYard? Cruise on down. We are open all weekend!

Oh, my! My hair is such a mess!

It’s true, April showers bring May Flowers! We have the gloves and jewelry fit for a queen and many hidden gems for the royalty in your life. I bet the Queen drinks her coke in a teacup. What do you wager? Glam up that BBQ in royal style & be weird. 

‘Tis the season, with these warm spring and summer days ahead of us, pop in and try one of our delicious milkshakes if you haven’t already! We have all the classic flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, or try butterscotch and creamsicle. Yum!!

Bet you can’t watch this just once. It’s the best thing I have seen all week! The muppets meet Dirty Dancing is the mash-up of my childhood dreams! I know. HUH? BUT UMM… YESSS BABY!! I’m wayyy too embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve watched this. haha
 Bring on the smiles!


The final dance in Dirty Dancing, but they’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme tune.
https://twitter.com/Pandamoanimum/status/1526503971719888898?s=20&t=4nBXILR4ku9FOPv5R4AuhA — May 17, 2022

Find beauty in the everyday. 
Diane & BrickYard Staff​

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