Toys Are Your Friends For Life!

Hey Friend! 

Who was your best bud when you were a kid? Was there a toy that you couldn’t leave home without? For me, I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls and all their pretty little dresses too – but the shoes… no. They could have done a bit better on those don’t you think?

The girl down the road had an OBSCENE amount of these Cabbage Patch Kids. She didn’t even really take care of them (gasp!) They were all heaped in a pile in some sort of forgotten playpen. How are you supposed to play with a whole bunch of dolls like that all at once anyway? 

I only had one. 

Yvonne was her name and I saved all the money I had to buy Eve who was a premie and cost me a WHOPPING twenty dollars. That was an eon’s worth of allowance. But the kids were spaced out nicely in terms of years as recommended by planned parenthood. Followed those guidelines to a T myself in real life- ha, no I didn’t. 

This one’s name is Sonia I think. She can be yours for $99.00. Good thing your allowance has increased. 

Rainbow Brite will be your friend for life, Brutus may not. Either way, we have some good friends here for you!

Rainbow Brite needs her own Instagram page (she probably has one). She was the it girl of the 80’s.

There’s a new buddy here for everyone. “I’m smarter than the av-er-age bear!” Oh, Yogi! Sometimes friends who think they are super smart can be a bit too much! All kinds of toys for the big kids and the little kids!
​​​You can’t have just one of a lot of things.
You can have just one friend but more are better. You can have just one decoy or one model car but more is definitely better!

Thank you to all our friends who were recently shopping with us! And to everyone who LOVES coming to BrickYard just for fun!

Find beauty in the everyday.
See you soon, Diane & BrickYard Staff​

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