Lunch Has Never Been So Stylish!

What did you have every day for lunch as a kid? A lot of peanut butter? Yes, a lot of peanut butter! Is it weird that I do not like peanut butter and jam together in a sandwich? Do you? My husband just recently found out that I don’t like it when he offered to make me one for lunch. 

It was almost all over right then. 

I can still see the look of shock on his face! 

Am I all alone on this one?

One thing I do remember from lunchtime as a kid was my Holly Hobbie lunch box and the thermos inside. It was a bit of a statement piece if I must say so myself. We have quite the collection of fabulous thermoses and lunch boxes right here. I suspect that along with your favourite sandwich they could bring quite a bit of happiness into your life. 😁

Where is Pokemon anyways? New booth set up with lots of toys, CDs, t-shirts and collectables. Have a little fun here- great prices for gift giving too for your little guys and your big kids too.

Now this is how you do lunch and start your workday on a happy note. This is one stylish customer and I bet her co-workers are sooo jelly! Bugs Bunny demands there are carrots for lunch so that he can be just a tiny fraction of how happy she is.

🌭❤️Don’t forget your sweetie on Valentine’s day (MONDAY! ACK!) This weekend would be your best chance to forgo the fresh roses that come with a mortgage payment and spend the afternoon shopping for bling and splitting a footlong hotdog & milkshake instead! How romantic!


Check out what’s left of some of our sale items on Facebook and Instagram. Have a scroll through and see if anything catches your eye! (Links below) You do not need to have an account to view. Give us a call if something interests you at 519-264-9538​

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