❤️ February❤️Online Sale- Starts Today!

I am typing one finger at a time here…. It’s soooo cold! We want you to stay cozy this month because that’s what we want too! But in the meantime Lets’s Play!

GAME NIGHT!! Looking for something family-friendly to do? Come visit us – grab a snack and pick out a funny game you used to play as a kid.
I LOOOOVED mouse trap!


Surround yourself with comfortable things. A simple gathering is made of these- just add the cocoa and chips and dip!

A crackling radio and a bottle or two of coke-a-cola. Now that’s life!​
It’s a gamble but I’ll try not to lose my mind playing Trivial Pursuit!​

We’re jumping the gun on February and starting our February Online Sale today. Enough with January! Check it out from 10:00 am -10:30 am on Instagram and Facebook. From the cozy comfort of your own home check out some of our sale items. Purchases can be held with an etransfer or simply just pop in to collect it! We look forward to seeing you. The Sale Postings are Friday-Sunday 10am-10:30am starting today. Prices are good for as long as the item is available for. 
Follow the links below to find us on Instagram or Facebook.

Find the beauty in the everyday.
Keep Warm!🧤
Diane & BrickYard Staff​

Hours:WED/THURS 11am – 5pmFRI/SAT/SUN 10am – 6pm

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