New Year Goals!

And so JUST LIKE THAT it’s 2022! Why do I say (and) JUST LIKE THAT in all caps? Because that is all anyone can talk about right now. Is Kim Cattrall hating on Sarah Jessica-Parker or is it the other way around? Does anyone care?

New Year Goals include caring less about that, and more about being just plain stylish and cool in my own weird way. If anyone else makes the news because their roots are showing then for Pete’s sake people – Just go shopping already and make yourself happy with your weird finds ’cause obviously that’s what’s missing in your life.

This is perfectly weird! Everyone is looking for a friend who wants a constant handout.

All new and just right, here’s a look at some of our new vendors. Welcome Morgan, Mark and Jennifer!

Aviation prints, records, and sports memorabilia ​The beginnings of beautiful home decor and original paintings. There’s so much to look at – where to start!​

And lastly- It’s January so this is kind of spot on…😂
Frog and Toad always brought to life so many real-life challenges.
All the best,
Diane & BrickYard Staff

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