Get On the Nice List!

We are ready for Christmas and ready to display your name on our nice list RIGHT HERE!
We want you to get on our nice list! In partnership with many other local businesses in town we are collecting non pershiables and new unwrapped toys. There is a big box right up front inside the store where you can drop them off the next time you come in. We are already impressed with the funds donated by you to our local Caring Cupboard Collection Jar every single month! Let’s do this!
Bring on the Festive Feels. Who’s with me?

We’ve added to the menu! Enjoy some delicious sweet treats for dessert or just because. I have had the brownie and ice cream for lunch. Nothing to be concerned about here… 😀​
​More Revelations by Shopping …. What have you been meaning to organize for a short lifetime? For me it’s my shed…Will it ever be organized? Why can’t I throw anything out?…wait… I don’t want to.Find the beauty in the everyday.

All the best,

Diane & BrickYard Staff

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