How are you this week?

Keeping it real and working as hard as you want I hope!

Earlier this week enjoying a walk through the store this Hot Nuts machine made me laugh… I have not seen something like this before. I guess sometimes you want your nuts hot and other times you don’t. Depends on the occasion! Such as when you are boxing…see the comment below from one of our customers who had the perfect response. 

Watch the ‘my balls was hot’ clip here. The first five seconds are laugh out loud funny and the rest is…. wellll… mildly inappropriate I suppose and a head scratcher nonetheless. But that guy is clearly fun at parties and if he had your back- you could probably say whatever you wanted – not that you would because you are an upstanding citizen of course.​

Another new booth: Woo Hoo! Our third section on our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY is finally full with another new booth setup just beginning! Yup, It’s been three years already- holy smokes times flies and the ever evolving pace here is how we like it. No time for naps!


gotta show you this 100+ year old grain bin from Sparta that’s massive and gorgeous! What is remarkable about this piece of history on wheels is that the pencil markings inside were tracking the contents and quantities of the seeds sold. I love this! I wish I had something like this when my kids were smaller, I would put alllll their junk in there and never think about it again. This would be great for so many uses firewood/storage/hidingspot while making a statement with original style. There’s not another one like this that’s for sure.

How do you annoy a skeleton? YOU CAN’T! Nothing gets under their skin! 
I am a big fan of lame jokes! 😂

Happy Hallowe’en – Indulge a little (what bag of mini mars bars under the desk?) it’s all part of the sentimentality of this time of year and to feel like a kid again! Not only do Halloween treats keep you young it also staves away the need for naps! If you’re up for some scares, come check us out this week and see what we have to make your place original, nostalgic and spooky as fast and easy as can be!

Find the beauty in the everyday.
All the best,
🎃Diane & BrickYard Staff

The Last Laugh: Revelations by Shopping

What do you know? Sometimes small truths come out while taking a lizardly stroll through the store. haha

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