New Booths and Farmhouse Fall

We have a wonderful new booth set up here! Full of rare dress forms, german dolls, a scuba diving lamp, and stained glass inserts. More coming in all the time, this is just the beginning~!​

A little bit of fall feels here with even more trendy white wicker furniture. Great for a child’s room or fill it full of light coloured gourds and place it on your front porch.​

When you want the farmhouse look this is where to come. Everyone needs to be greeted by beautiful things they love when they come home.

Our signature TileYard Footlong with the works is a staple here. It’s part of an unexpected pandemic crisis however as we have not received any Footlong Hotdog buns since early spring so we had no choice but to get creative and take matters into our own hands.

So now for a limited time, we are making our own homemade FootLong Hot Dog buns! Here’s me doing a test run in my kitchen. Turns out they are pretty darn good! I don’t know if we will keep making them by hand forever… but for now we are happy to do it and they are worth the effort. Next time you’re in give them a try!​

Find the beauty in the everyday.
All the best,
Diane & BrickYard Staff

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