Road Trips, Signage, and Thanksgiving Displays


Let’s go on a road trip! Our seasonal display is all about Day Tripping! Let’s go somewhere great… Like BrickYard Antiques! ​

Of course, out here it’s possible that your road trip takes a little longer if you get stuck behind a tractor…. but isn’t that charming? Plus the countryside in Middlesex county is quite beautiful. We are located right across from a cornfield that is one of my most favorite things to look at.

Loving this display of signage. Fantastic one-of-a-kind wall art here… What you like is what you like, just put it all together for impact!

Let’s chill. Neutral colours make this rustic cottage display calming to look at and a fit for almost any setting.


We love to see what you have done with your finds! Thank you for sharing your piano shelfie 1895stepler_house. This is absolutely stunning! I think I have found my new favorite word here…. ‘Shelfie’– haha! Does anyone else have a ‘shelfie’ to share? Send them to us at or tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

Find beauty in the everyday.
All the best, Diane & BrickYard Staff


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